Friday, June 27, 2014

Tooth Fairy Monster Pillow Tutorial

Cut two of the squares and two of the rectangles with material of your choice. This pattern works better with solid colors, but each to his/her own.  Use felt for the eyes and teeth.  Sew the rectangle pieces, right side together on one of the long sides.  Flip the rectangles over after sewing.  Wrong sides together.  Sew teeth on the rectangle seam.  Sew eyes on one of the square shaped material. Place the rectangle material under the eyes.  Sandwich the rectangle between the wrong sides of the square material.  Pin pieces together.  Place a piece of ribbon between the eyes in the sandwich.  The ribbon needs to be big enough to hang the tooth fairy pillow on the door. Sew sides together leaving a small gap to flip the pillow out.  Once you have flipped the pillow out, fill with stuffing.  Sew the gap in the seam.  You are now done.  : )

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